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For example:
My Golem was up against a Milotic, which could use Hydro Pump, - Would there then be just a little bit higher chance, that Milotic would use Hydro Pump, than another useless move?

Can a NPC trainer think with artificial intelligence, or do they just use random moves?

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I have no proof but via expereince, more important NPCs such as gym leaders and E4 members usually do go for SE attacks, while lesser NPCs and wild pokemon usually have no decipherable pattern.
That's also my experience, but I would like 100% sure answer... :)
That is why I commented instead of answering...

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Yes they do. All trainers have AI but no wild Pokemon does.
-In easy mode there would be a smaller chance of it using hydro pump
-in regular mode there would be a pretty high chance that it would use hydro pump
-in challenge mode it would be almost definite that it would use hydro pump
Source: http://www.serebii.net/black2white2/easychallengemode.shtml
-I found this while reading the site above. It does not directly state that they have AI but, according to this site challenge mode increases AI of trainers and easy mode drops AI of trainers so if there is a change in AI there has to be an initial AI.

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Thanks! It would be very sad, if they would use random moves always... right?
yeah it would make it too easy but thats what easy mode is for if you like that
And it would be difficult to use any strategy, since you can't figure out what move, your opponet is going to use... I don't like easy mode... It's to easy! ;)