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I can't really remember any major "Yes" or "No" decisions in the Pokemon games, so Ill make one up.
Prof. Example: Do you want your first Pokemon?
You: No
What happens next in those conditions?
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They'll say some stuff like "BUT YOU HAVE TOOO" then make you choose it again.They'll repeat the same thing till you say yes.I'll let someone else answer this fully.
Well I know that in Sinnoh it's like:
Rowan: Are you ready to receive your Pokédex and record information on all sorts of Pokemon?
You: No.
Rowan: I am a very patient man. I can wait here all day.
Does he seriously say that!
Never disrespect prof rowan!
sometimes they say something along the lines of, "come back later".

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I would doubt it would change much excelt for dialogue. They'll probably just stand and wait until you say yes, or just drag you into whatever was supposed to happen anyways. I found one example:

Professor Rowan: You two, you truly love Pokemon, don't you?
No: "Er-hem! I didn't quite catch that, so I will ask you again. You two. You truly love Pokémon, do you?"
Yes: "I will ask you once again. You two. You truly love Pokémon, do you?"

If you say yes twice you get a Pokemon. Saying no will just make him repeat himself.

It also happens in ORAS, when the evil organisation of your game threatens you on Southern Island.
By saying you'll help protect them and battle them, Steven will congratulate you and start a battle with you.
By telling them to go right ahead, Steven will say its no laughing matter and you'll still get pulled into battle.

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Prof birch do you want to go see my daughter and make out or whatever no birch o come on don't be like that
but what if you say no to may in lilicove city?
That isnt a 'Major' decision so if you'll say no you won't battle her and free to do whatever but she won't move until you battle and beat her.
oh. ok.