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How is the health that is restored from leftovers calculated?

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if a Dragonite with Life Orb could only manage one Dragon Dance, the overall boost would be x1.95, but if a Dragonite with Leftovers managed to get two Dragon Dances courtesy of the additional HP, the overall boost would be x2, on top of the 6.25% health gained per turn.

When using Leftovers, it is often advised to make your HP divisible by 16, +1. This will allow for a "magic" Leftovers number (a number divisible by 16), while the +1 allows essentially for a "free" hit point due to the floor function in the damage formula.-Smogon

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it restores 1/16 or 6.25 % of your max health each turn but it is rounded down always

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So the more HP my pokemon has the more it heals?
yes so if your pokemon has 16 hp it would heal 1 hp each turn but if it has 32 it will heal 2 each turn