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Is N Getchis' son?
Is Colress ,team plasmas boss?
I found Zoroark again ,now in Victory Road ,what is he protecting?
I cant go to the league .give me a video ,how to go throught Victory Road .
I cant find Zweilous .give a video in which Victory Road cave with zweilous is and how to.go there .
How do I find shards and heart scales ?i want lot of them .
Where do I get TMs ..all of them ?
Where are the move tutors ?
These are my Qs !
Where can I see zekroms sprite in b2?

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N is not Ghetsis son biologically but Ghetsis did adopt N.
Colress is not Team Plasmas boss. He is second in command after Ghetsis.
That is N's Zoroark and it protects Team Plasmas castle.
Victory Road Help Use that link to navigate Victory Road. It also shows you where to find Zwielos.
A good way to get shards is to go into a cave and find dust clouds. You could also do the Funfest Mission for finding shard in the Entralink.
Use this for TM and HM locations
Use this for Move Tutor locations
Use this for obtaining Zekroms data

Hope this helps ^.^

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