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  • When I went in someone's base in AS, there were trainers there that challenged me to a Single Battle, who I assume were the bass boss's secret pals, and they had normal Hoenn Pokemon like Wailmer and Slugma. Are these people's Pokemon just programmed in by the game or are they the people's actual Pokemon?
  • When battling the leader of this base, he had a lv. 25 Darkrai and a lv. 25 Shiny Arceus, which definitely was an unfair battle although my Pokemon were around lv. 34. Are these the boss's real Pokemon?
  • If they are the people's Pokemon, do you get notifications on your journey if people are at your base and want to battle you?
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1) The Pokémon for another person's Secret Pals are programmed by the game.

2) While those aren't necessarily LEGIT Pokémon, those are his Pokémon, though I don't know what changes the boss' party.

3) You don't get notifications for Secret Base Battles. You won't even know if somebody battled you. Your character in a Secret Base is separate from you. It is actually an NPC that just uses your Pokemon.

That's creepy that the computer knew to keep putting me to sleep with Dark Void after I used Chesto Berry... That AI is more intelligent than the other trainers.