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This Question is actually important to Me and I want to Know is the "Unknown Type Arceus" Really Real, and if so how do you get a Very Special and Rare Type of Arceus with the "Unknown type"!?
I Know that you need a Plate to Change the Type of From but how do you get the "Unknown Type Plate" for Arceus on Platinum and Heartgold?

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If you mean "??" type, like how the move curse is, there is no plate for it. Arceus only has plates for every other type (except normal since that is his standard type) the coding of the game does have this type as existent, but it can't be obtained legitimately.

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Ok, Thanks for the Info.
The only way to get a ??? acreus is by hacking: hack to male your acreus chage type and it will become a ??? acreus but i may wreck your game to do that.