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Does anyone know of events that will take place in 2013?


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I check the Serebii EventDex for upcoming events. At the moment, I do not believe so, but I will check.

EDIT: These all started in 2012, but currently, you can get the Sinnoh starters with their Dream World Abilities. The events end on July 31.and are USA only for B/W2. You can get a Dream world Scizor as well that is for ALL Gen 5 games for all of North America ending on February 21.

EDIT 2: I do not know of any announced to start in 2013, but I know there'll be some. Anyone who has the power to edit this may edit this as events come along.

All the Pokemon are Level 10.

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Awesome thanks! I'm in Canada so I can only get the Scizor.
I feel sorry :(
Tell ya what once I get White 2 and get the starters, I'll breed you one.
Just maybe, tho. My WiFi's been faulty lately, so it might work.
OK Ive never used wifi lol