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Deoxys Celebi
Events of the mythical Pokemon introduced in Gen 4 have been previously released, while Jirachi and Mew can be obtained if you have save data of Sword/Shield and Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee respectively. I think Arceus is obtainable in BDSP if you have beaten PLA on the same console your playing BDSP on (or completed the Pokedex, I'm not too sure), but I don't think there has been any way of getting Celebi or Deoxys in BDSP.

As transferring mythical Pokemon from Pokemon Home to BDSP is impossible due to special Pokemon being restricted from being transferred into a game without them already in the dex, is it possible to get Celebi and Deoxys in BDSP without hacking?


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The short answer is no, Deoxys is not in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Not at the time of writing anyway.

Celebi is not available in this game.

Neither Deoxys nor Celebi are in BDSP.

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The sources are pretty old. Can you cite a new source, even if the answer is (most probably) correct?