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OK, so I finally got my Wifi to stop quitting on me before it connects to Nintendo WFC, but when it starts searching for a gift, the system gives me the error code 31020: 'Download Failed.' WTH. Somebody help me.


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You go to mystery gift

Here are the steps

  1. Go to the menu where your save is shown. (Don't click your save)

  2. Scroll down until you see the words "Mystery Gift"

  3. Click Mystery Gift

  4. It will have four options, "Gift Album", "Info","Quit", or "Recieve Gift"(Click Recieve Gift)

  5. It will say " The communication channel must be open to recieve Mystery Gifts. Is that OK?" (Press yes)

  6. You will have four options, "Get Via Wireless", "Get Via Nintendo Wi-Fi", "Get Via Infraded", and "Back". (Select Nintendo Wi-Fi)

  7. It will ask you to connect, and you press yes.

  8. once connected click recieve gift, and after a moment deoxys will appear

  9. Go to your save and go to a Pokemon Center

  10. Make shure you have one open slot in your party for deoxys.

  11. Finally Talk to the man in blue and recieve deoxys from him.

If this dosn't work it is a bug or glitch. But errors can be delt with when trouble shooting.

Yeah, that's what I usually do, except it stops @ Step 8. I get an error instead of Deoxys. I don't want an error ~_~
After I said step 11, I said, "If this dosn't work it is a bug or glitch. But errors can be delt with when trouble shooting."
Well I don't know how to do that :/ I'll try and mess around and see what I can come up with.
Go to Pokemon.com I think
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You should follow what Denno Senshi Porygon said,but if you are not in the USAor don't have your DS clock set to it's time,you will not get your Deoxys.

The clock actually dosn't matter... It dosn't even work to change clock for me... No matter what the clock is I can't even set it to the victini event and get it
Hey, that was a smart idea!
me :3,or Denno Senshi Porygon(username FTW!)?