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So I got my event Deoxys just now and it has a Hardy Nature. I can live with that but would it be possible to save before talking to the Gift Delivery Man and then quit without saving after recieving Deoxys, then talking to him again and receive a different Deoxys with a different Nature? I know I can't get 2 but can I get one with a different nature?

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"Yes, you get another nature.

Source: Experience

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Yes you can do that.

I took time and tried this. The first time I got a Sassy nature deoxys. The second time I got a Sassy Nature Deoxys. The third time I got a Lonely Doexys. The fourth time I got a mighty Modest deoxys!

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Yes you can.

It took me like twenty soft resets though to finally get Modest.

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yes it is possible to get a different nature.

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