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my event deoxys has special moves, if I delete them, will I be able to regain them. just wondering

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Your event Deoxys should have come to you with the moves Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Recover, and Psycho Boost. The moves Nasty Plot, and Dark Pulse, cannot be relearned. The other two, Recover and Psycho Boost, can be relearned in exchange for a Heart Scale at the counter next to the Move Forgetter.

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No, your Event Deoxys cannot relearn them.Once a Event Pokemon forgets its special move, it cannot be relearned.I used my event deoxys and gave it psychic, and dark pulse was deleted. I went to the move tutor, and the move wasn't there.

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You said the same thing as me with an extra sentence at the end, stating info that is already given...
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No. Nuff said.

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