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i want ot have a zorua, it's just so cool and strong. but i have to have a celebi to have it. I've seen a lot of ways to have a zorua but need a celebi and i don;t know there is any way to get a celebi without trade? i play a DSi and i can;t trade, it always error...
I've seen some video that they can have a zorua by give some pet to the store day-care, then they run around and the old man talk to you then give you an egg of zorua. and I've seen a video that they catch celebi at Lostlorn Forest. Are those true or hack? thanks...


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There is another way for you too get a Zorua. If you obtain the Shiny Legendary dogs from the Wi-fi event last year you can activate another event that can get you a Zoroark which you can breed for a Zorua. Info on this event

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First one true, but you need to breed a Zorua/Zoruark to get it.
Second one false, the only way to get Celebi is trading or the GS Ball event. Sorry :(
But, you could trade with a friend just to get a zorua egg, then get celebi!
Hope this helps!

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thanks. but the event to get shiny dogs still need to use wi-fi and have at least 2 DS. But i have only 1 and when i use wi-fi, there is always error...