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I was on route 3 on my b2 and this lady asks me to take this egg and I do (i didnt replace the empty space for what happens when zekrom and kyurem fuse) and I have not hatched it YET and ive had it for 2-3 days. when will it hatch and what will it hatch into? (i have a hunch its togepi :( and I dont like togepis)

What pokemon are in the day care? The egg is always of the female pokemon. So just check which one is a girl! Oh by the way I know this has nothing to do with it but OMG  A KINGDOM HEARTS FAN:)
no a random breeder not the day care person the breeder was at the route 3 gate
In that case sorry for wasting your time cos I just don't know
Its ok dude and yes im probably the best KH fan there is.
Me and you are joint on the KH level of being a fan

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It is a Happiny egg. The best way to speed up hatching is to have a Pokemon with the ability Flame Body next to your egg. To check on how far away the egg is from hatching just click on the eggs summary.
Hope this helps ^.^

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It will turn into happyiny