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i've heard about Pokemon clans and i'm interested into it.
could anyone answer what it is, the rules (if there is any), what clan should I be in and what Pokemon should I use?
(this is not in mystery dungeon games.)

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Are you talking about Pokemon Mystery Dugeon?
nope. i meant b/w b2/w2 hg/ss d/p tbem sorta games.
pokemon clans are pokemon families ...maybe type families ...dark fam,bug fam .etc.

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the only thing I found for Pokemon clans is this:
Well,clans are a Pokemon team with common characteristics..(type,status for example legendary,walls,sweepers etc)...so you make such a team and then you give the team a name (e.g a team with two trios of legendary Pokemon could be named LEGENDARY DOUBLE TRIO!)
dont downvote this answer,if you think that is wrong it wrong just hide it or comment me to hide it myself..hope I helped!:D

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