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Which Pokemons have terrible defense, pretty much 1-2 hit KO against it, yet has really good speed and attack stats?

One word: Deoxys-A.
Oops lol, let me re-phrase the Q; which NON-legendary Pokemons lol
These kinds of Pokemon are referred to as Glass Cannons.
Sorry. I'll edit then.

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Its offensive stats are both 180, and its Defensive stats are 20. Its base speed is a whopping 150.

Deoxys: B*** you did not just go there.
Transforms into Attack Forme and Psycho Boosts until Heart gives in*

Other Pokemon like that that aren't Uber:

  • Rampardos (Kinda Slow tho)

  • Sharpedo

  • Garchomp! Although it's always boss.

  • Yanmega

  • Volcarona

  • Bisharp

  • Braviary

  • Jolteon

  • Azumarill (Although not really that fast, it often packs Aqua Jet and has Huge Power.)

  • Chandelure (Again with the speed thing.)

  • Terrakion

  • Infernape

And probably many more. That do it for you?

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Why the hell do i not see Terrakion, Infernape, or Garchomp?
"Garchomp! Although it's always boss."
It depends on how well you read.
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I haven't used Terrakion in ages, Infernape was just plain stupid, and Garchomp's already there. I will edit those 2 in.
Where is Espeon on dat list?
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Try Cloyster. It can use a Shell Smash+Skill Link+Focus Sash combo, and pull off some nice damage. Credit goes to someone else.

@ Focus Sash
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Trait: Skill Link
Icicle Spear
Razor Shell
Rock Blast
Shell Smash