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Which Psychic type has the highest total physical Attack and Defense? My friend Deoxys is boasting about his high Attack stat in his Attack form and his Defense in his Defense form. This is getting ridiculous, he is willing to take a Horn Drill or Guillotine to the face. I then have to warp him using my psychic power to a Pokémon center. Any tips on how to stop this? He could get seriously injured.

Mega Metagross's physical attack + physical defense is 295, which I'm pretty sure is the highest of any psychic Pokemon. Does this answer your question?
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Mega Metagross has the highest Attack and Defense total(145 Attack and 150 Defense total 295) introduced in the 6th Generation (Metagross was introduced in the 3rd Generation but its Mega Evolution was introduced in 6th Generation). The second highest is Mega Mewtwo X with a Attack stat of 190 and Defense of 100 overall 290. It was introduced in the 6th Generation.