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Can you gain money while in White Tree Hollow? ( I wanna know if I should give my pokes lucky egg or EXP share)

Can you gain EXP while in White Tree Hollow? (I wanna know if I should give my pokes amulet coin and luck incense)

Do your Pokemon heal after each battle? ( I wanna know if life orb would be a good hold item choice as well as moves with recoil (eg. flare blitz and head smash)

Do all your Pokemon become one level like in battle subway? (I have an azumarill that I just bred for aqua jet, so it is only level 51)


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It comprises ten randomly generated, progressively more complex areas, each with a number of Trainers. Each area contains a Gate Trainer and a Boss Trainer. To unlock the next area, the player must first defeat the Boss Trainer by defeating the Gate Trainer, who will unlock the Boss Trainer's room. Other Trainers in each area may also be challenged. A Nurse on each floor will heal the player's Pokémon after being defeated in battle, but only once. Unlike in most battle facilities, the player will earn experience and money for winning battles, but will forfeit the money earned during the challenge if the player loses or forfeits.

The Trainers in each area have a randomly selected team of two Pokémon
from a personalized pool of about nine Pokémon. The Boss Trainer of
each area has three Pokémon, which are fixed for each battle. The
levels increase as the player progresses through the areas, beginning
at level 40 and ending at level 60 in Normal Mode. The Boss Trainers'
Pokémon have higher levels than those of other Trainers in the area,
and they will be holding in-battle effect items such as Black Sludge,
Life Orbs, or elemental Gems. The regular Trainers' Pokémon may hold

So, Yes, Yes, No, No.

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1.Yes you make money

2.Yes you gain exp

3.Your Pokemon do not heal after every battle and can only be healed by one doctor found in the entire level

4.No your Pokemon stay their levels