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Why did they make azurill look a bit worried in gen 4.2 and then in gen 5 they made azurill look like it's about to cry, before it was so happy.

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Wow. Just noticed that... Even though it evolves from happiness doesn’t mean it has to be sad/depressed. The art on its Pokédex page surprised me! It’s all :-( and that makes me depressed.

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The real answer is because you need a high friendship with them to evolve so thats why the evolved form (Marill) looks very happy.

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But how could it get its happiness up if it's always looking really depressed?
IT'S FAKING IT >:O *passes out from rage*
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Gamefreak just wanted it that way. It is not expalined in pokedex entries, but as it evolves it expresion goes from sad-happy-joyful. Besides you can't see it from behind and it just makes your opponetnts go easy on you XD

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Looks like they made it happy again in X/Y.