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Unless I've missed an event or something, how does Kyurem learn these two moves (Ice Burn for White Kyurem and Freeze Shock for Black Kyurem)?

On Bulbapedia, it says that White/ Black Kyurem learns these moves at level 50 (link), but since you only get Kyurem at level 70, do you need to use the DNA splicers to get White/ Black Kyurem, then reteach it those moves at the moves relearner at PWT?

Really? Because I just tried fusing my Kyruem w/ Reshiram, and (maybe it's because my Kyurem has four moves?) I had to use a heart scale to reteach it freeze shock. Anyway, thank you both!
Oops. Mew has the better answer then. Sorry. I should've added that Glaciate will get replaced by the two new moves. So therefore, it has to have Glaciate.

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When you fuse it, and you have the move Glaciate on standard Kyurem, Glaciate will turn into Freeze Shock / Ice Burn.
Otherwise, you must reteach it as Kyurem-B/W.

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No, Kyurem will automatically learn the move Freeze Shock/ Ice Burn when you fuse them together using the DNA splicers on it and Reshiram/ Zekrom.
So, no, you don't reteach it at the PWT.