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Kyurem and Necrozma have different formes but how come you are only allowed one Kyurem forme but you can have the two different Necrozma formes; Dawn Wings Necrozma and Dusk Wings Necrozma? Althought Kyurem has a total base stat of 700 while Necrozma has 680, it's 20 in difference.

If you play Pokemon White and White 2 or Black and Black 2, you can get both Zekrom and Reshiram as well as two Kyurems.

If you play Pokemon Sun and Ultra Moon or Moon and Ultra Sun, you can get both Solgaleo and Lunala as well as two Necrozmas.

Are you asking why Necrozma has Ultra Necrozma but Kyurem doesn't have a form similar to Ultra Necrozma?
No i think he's asking why you can only have one Kyurem forme at a time even with two different Kyurems, but that is untrue with Necrozma. Which i don't know is true...

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"The DNA Splicers are actually two items that switch when you use them. One fuses and one defuses, so the one you have no has no effect on your other Kyurem because it's trying unsuccessfully to defuse it."

If that's true, then the same is more than likely true for the N-Lunarizer & N-Solarizer. However, the N-Lunarizer & N-Solarizer are obviously 2 separate items - meaning you can actually have both a Dusk Mane & Dawn Wings Necrozma, albeit only one of each. So unless GameFreak splits the DNA Splicers into 2 separate items or just change how these items work in a future Gen, you won't be able to have both Kyurem forms.

Can you have both Dawn Wings and Dusk Mane on one game then?
Read the answer. :P