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i faced a Kyurem in the giant chasm and it fainted and I got a DNA splicer so when does reappear and how doi catch it

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Just rebattle the Elite Four. In every game since Platinum, if you beat the Elite Four again, the Legendary will reappear.

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Yeah in platinum you get the main legendary from the game before ( giritina ) and you get dialga and palkia after.
And you can get giritina after on d/p and on platinum if you didn't get it first
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You have to battle the elite 4 and the legendary will reappear for your bidding

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Rebattle the Elite 4, and he will reappear.

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I beat JCM. :D
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If you do happen to defeat the Legendary, then all you have to do is defeat the Elite Four again and then it will reappear. I found this out the hard way.

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