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Both are awesome. Can't decide. What shall it be?

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Zervital?? Wha???
And hi MF!!
I seriously don't know WTF Zervital is.
It's Zervital >.>

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Durant. After one Hone Claws, you will wreck havoc. Durant's bulk isn't half bad, and he has only one weakness. On the other hand, you could run even Band or Scarf, but I prefer Hone Claws. Klinklang is very frail, and has a hard time to set up against the threats in RU, such as Nidoqueen, Magmortar, and such. Also, Durant needs less setup.

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Hmm interesting. I will refrain from BA (for now) to give other people chances to give opinions.
I don't think anyone else is answering, but ok.
If nobody answers by the end of the week I'll BA.
End of the week.......>.>
I'll upvote, but you will definitely get BA
JCM, y u forget Scarf + Truant + Entrainment combo?

some people just want to watch the world burn xP
Erh. No need to add gimmicks xD
I Love Durant so much..
And I wove Zervital.
I seriously don't know WTF Zervital is.
Durant is much better there is no comparison between the 2 durant it a great physical attacker, it is great at speed, and being able to withstand physical attacks with it's great defense.
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I prefer Klinklang :3
Go with this set:

Klinklang | Leftovers
Clear Body | Adamant (+Atk -SpAtk)
100 HP | 252 Atk | 156 Spd
Shift Gear | Substitute/Wild Charge
Return | Gear Grind

Setup one Shift Gear n' go sweeping. Substitute may help you setup without taking a suberb damage. Wild Charge can hit Steel-types with at least neutral hit and get Water-types with a super effective damage. Return hits almost everything that resist the Gear Grind bar Steel-types in the moveset with Substitute. Gear Grind is the main move. It gets STAB.

I luve my Klinklang. Sweeps many times at least 3 Pokemons. ;_;

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tuu laisy tu put teh sprites.

sprite =
See, JCM? I knew someone else would have an opinion.
It's walled by so much in RU.
Well, I suppose so.....but not by much when you ChoiceSpec it. Then again you also have the speed issue. I dunno.