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If you did not get what I am saying add the power of these up.Add STAB bonus to splash plate's power to aqua jet.(Water Type move,40 power,ATK move)Then apply Huge Power ability.What is the some power of that move?If over 100 power goodbye rock,ground,and fire types in your way.Sorry I forgot to add rain to the power.

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His Attack stat would have nothing to do with Base Damage, and I suggest CB in the rain ;)

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well techinically the power would be like this: 40x1.5(stab)=60x2(huge power, yes I know its his attack that gets doubled but the amonunt of damage he does is the same)=120x.20(splash plate 20% boost)=144 but that would make 144 power with 218 atk

If you decide to go the other way he has 436(Huge power boost already applied) attack with 72 power(60x.20(splash plate)) but their techinically the same amount of damage either way

EDIT: Also if you really want to sweep/revenge kill with aqua jet, I suggest choice band over splash plate. That would make 40x1.5(stab)=60x2(huge power)=120x1.5(choice band boost)=180 power with 218 atk

If you decide to go the other way he has 654 attack(436x1.5 (choice band)) with 60 power aqua jet. But again, theyre pretty much the same damage youll do.
If you want even more power, use it under the rain which will make it the equivalent power of 270 power aqua jet with 218 attack.(40x1.5(stab)=60x2(huge power)=120x1.5(choice band)=180x1.5(rain)=270)
If you decide to go the other way, it will be 654 atk with 90 power aqua jet

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wow what a powerful attack but did you add splash plate damage??
i didn't see splash plate calculation in your answer.but if you did thanks
yea where i said "120x.20=144" but 144 with 218 isnt THAT powerful. Pretty much imo, his terrible original attack stat is bought back to 'normal' with huge power so it isnt that great unless holding strong boosting items like choice band
144 attack is powerful
better than 40 power lol
sorry please add one more calculation.add rains power