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I know some of you users don't like mystery dungeon but here it is....
I was battling darkrai(the last boss) and when I attack him, it misses ALL THE TIME!! Does this have to do with IQ or its only for him. I battled him for 3 hours and still not dead. PLEASE ANSWER SOON.


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Try using a throwing item (iron thorn,silver spike, maybe even a sleep seed) at him.Or use a ranged attack like aura sphere, water gun, hydro pump, quick attack, you get the idea. Or maybe Try using an attack that hits all the enemies in the room like Blizzard, Discharge, etc. Here is the video of someone winning the fight.


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Your Problem Is Solved. Get A Lot Of X-Eye Seeds Or Sleep Seeds. Use Moves While He is Asleep, or Acting Drunk. You Should Be Able To Hit Him Eventually. Items Dont Miss As Much As Moves. So Use Spikes, Etc. As Dt said. Soooooooooooooo Hope This Helps:)

P. S. If Hes Acting Drunk after The X-Eye Seed, He Should Be Easier To Hit.

Congrats on Beating Mystery Dungeon:)

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i dont know if you know focus blast but it is a ranged attack and is very powerful. i had your problem too. so i raised my iq completely and used focus blast to kill it in one hit