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In Humilau, after I beat the game, I noticed that the couple of rich people are no longer there beside the Pokemon center. Only the boy is, but the girl is gone. Where is she?

Is this really significant?
Ask Jeremy Kyle. Maybe they spilt up because the girl was cheating on him.
She's still there for me; maybe it's a difference between a Black 2 and White 2 game? I'm on White 2. Also, it's probably Gamefreak 'warning' us for the harsh realities of real life, hoping that we will never even fall in love with someone real and place all of our affections upon pixelated fake animals created by Gamefreak. Am I reading too much into this?
Heck yeah e_e.
Scizor, it might not be significant, but I WANT TO KNOW. :c

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The girl is somewhere if you stand in the face board (boy side) she or A Gothorita will come.

What does that mean?
No. Idea.