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I know that information is limited for Pokemon X/ Y. I also know that there has not been a game trilogy since gen4. If a 3rd game came out for sixth gen, would it likely be "Pokemon Z" or would it be like gen5 and have Pokemon X/Y 2?

Either is possible.
It seems that gamefreak had a pattern. Then they switched and now we have no clue if they will revert or continue on the new path.
has anyone noticed that chespin looks like cilan?
I know there wasn't a trilogy, but a 4-game combination was a nice change.  It was kind of like having a trilogy, since Kyurem was the star of both of those games.
Pokémon Z would be based off of Porygon-Z.  That's my guess.

I'm sorry, I just had to.

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It is very possible that there will be a trilogy again. But this was also said about black and white and there were rumours of there being a Pokémon grey due to Kyurem looking like a a good trio-master. This was never the case though. As much as it looks possible we can't really tell since this is all GAME FREAK's decision. Personally I do think that there will be a trilogy this time and maybe a few remakes, but this is just a matter of opinion

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I thought it would be like Rayquaza
sorry for the late reply, I though the same thing :)
Gamefreak just keeps us guessing!