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Because I saw that some people's answers/comments had "when Pokemon Z comes out" or "by the time Pokemon Z comes out." and even "Pokemon Z will probably have more Pokemon". I know something like that is to be expected, but has "Pokemon Z" been declared official now? If not, some people here (not naming anyone) need to get their facts together.


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No one knows for sure yet, except for GameFreak. It seems logical that they would with zygarde being the cover legendary, but it hasnt been officially confirmed so whos knows?
The could do what they did with 5th gen and do x2 and y2 or something entirely different but as of right now its still a mystery.

There is one flaw with Zygarde, though - it was obtainable in X and Y. I mean, Rayquaza couldn't be caught in Ruby and Sapphire, for example. So it is slightly odd that we can get Zygarde in X and Y if there is going to be a Pokemon Z. I'm not saying it won't happen, just that it is odd.
Rayquaza could be caught in ruby and sapphire.  Giratina could be caught in Diamond and Pearl.  Kyurem could be caught in Black and white so your logic is flawed.
Could they? My bad then.
Yes they could and its fine
Also, Giratina. So its really wouldn't be that odd.
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Possibly, But I doubt Zygarde would be the legendary. Serebii recently leaked a photo and quickly deleted it of Goomy being offered for three unknown Pokémon . Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion. Maybe, Game Freak(As usual) is leading us on with Zygarde. Serebii accidently leaked these so called legendaries. Maybe these legendaries will be the mascot Pokémon for a future games. Unfortunately, no pictures of these Pokémon have been leaked. But if you search Goomy in the GTS, you can still find the trades wanting the mystery Pokémon. Also I doubt Z will be the title of the next game. Probably something like X2 and Y2, or something entirely different.

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