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Whit only about 9-10 days left until X&Y, I'm starting to fear/hope that we won't find out all the details/Pokemons of the game. Before BW came out we had all the information we could possibly need months before the game came out. But now, with mere days left and only about 50 Pokemon showed and only 7 full evolutionary lines, will GameFreak sit idly and let us speculate what will happen or will they realese everything in the last minute?

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Looks like the rest is left for us to discover in the game. A Nintendo Direct finished recently which revealed absolutely nothing Pokemon-related, and there is absolutely no evidence that there will be anymore reveals. There isn't anymore CoroCoro magazines coming for the games, so that means that the only way things are going to be revealed is via social media things (Twitter, etc.) or on their websites. This has happened before, Doublade was revealed over Facebook.

Also, a few Canadian people already have the game due a possibly illegal "early release". From this we'll probably get some info, this guy got the game two weeks early and is posting videos and screenshots on Instagram (huge spoiler warning): http://instagram.com/kosthedin

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but the reason we got so much info suddenly for B/W's release was because Japan got the game way before the rest of us. From this, we just got basically the game's entire content.

They may release all the info before the release, but it doesn't look like it. It'd kill the surprise factor of the gameplay, and I'd imagine that they've already revealed everything they want to already. We'll just have to wait the last 9 days until the games are released to find out.

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actually the kosthedin guy hasn't given out any new pokemon yet or anything we don't know yet
Sooo not really spoilers
He has revealed a new Pokemon, and a load of screenshots. It might not introduce much more than what we know apart from some screenshots (through screenshots, the location of the Pokemon League and Vaniville Town were discovered), but as time goes on, we'll see things like his Quilladin's final evo, and a bunch of later game things like that.
The Pokemon, from the very short glimpse I took (you know, to avoid fatally spoiling it for me. xD) it looks weally cute. :'3
Whaa i clicked on it and no spoilers :/
Yeah, it appears that he had to give up his game, and he had to delete the images off Instagram.