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When I went to Join Avenue when I wanted to go to the Dojo it was all sold out even the other shops.


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Its the join avenue glitch. It happens all thee time to me. Just put your ds on the charger with your game cartridge safe inside there and then over time it will go back to normal.

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This happened to me a 2 weeks ago and It's still like that.
Should I stay in Join Avenue when I leave it on overnight?
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Once you buy something in a shop one time, you can not purchase it again. You'll have to wait one day to buy from it again.

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I didn't buy it I'll tell you the story.I was going to Join Avenue like a typical person should,I went to ask the dojo owner:Alenni (I don't think I spelled it right but whatever) just for the LolZ And WTF!!!! it was sold out!I went to the other stores and they were all sold out too.And thats the story how in Join Avenue,all of the shops where sold out.The end. :)
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They were all sold out because either:

  • You bought everything there already
  • You switched DSs. What I mean is that you played your game in one DS and then later play in another DS.
Well,i don't have 2 ds's
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Because they have not had time to get supplies in "stock."Wait 24 hours and they should have more supplies.


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There should be a couple of Reasons for it...

  • You already went shopping that day, meaning that the shops won't have anything til the next day.
  • You went shopping and then changed the time on your DS, causing shops not to re-stock until it legitimately becomes midnight, according to the clock inside your DS.

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