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When I go to gts (not negogations) I search for the three Pokemon Dialga Palkia and Giratina in the gts for trade. The question is why are they at level one?


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It was because they were received from the Arceus Event in the Sinjoh Ruins.

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It is because the guy must have caught those Pokemon in sinjoh ruins in heartgold and soulsilver.This area is a small snowfilled set of ruins and is accessed by having Arceus in your party, the ruins were created by a man from Sinnoh and a man from Johto and blend the two cultures. When you first go there, the Sinnoh Champion; Cynthia, will be there, on research. Bring Arceus to the Mystri Stage inside the ruins and it will give life to one of the legendary dragons of Sinnoh.

These are the possible reasons why it is level 1 or he must have a hacked one.

Sheesh, no such thing as "less is more" to you? :P
gts (not negogations) won't allow hacked pokemon in trade.