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When I see a shiny zekrom and reshiram it has been hacked. why can't you get one shiny not hacked?


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Because GameFreak decides to Shiny Lock them, preventing from EVERY single Zekrom and EVERY single Reshiram to be shiny, and basically make the other ones look less interesting when you are trading with a friend, or via GTS Negotiations. Honestly, I think GameFreak made it so you won't be wasting your time for a shiny legendary, rather than ACTUALLY playing the game.
Also, go check out this page to learn which Pokemons can not be shiny, unless they are hacked.

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thanks, now I understand.:)
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The game is programmed to make them never shiny.

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It is a 1 in 102298337483847374 chance to get a shiny Reshiram/zekrom

Did you make this up?
I don't think the number is that long... I think this was made up... The number for any shiny pokemon is more like 1 / 8325