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I tucked in my Zekrom that I got from the wifi event. I went to the Pokemon Movie house but there wasn't much there, just some Pokemon in the yard, a movie trailer and the house at the back with some Pokemon in.

When I came out of the Dream World I looked at the customization section and there is no skin for Zekrom.

Do you need to do something special to get the C-Gear skin?

Skin is only for EU right?
Not just Europe, but also North America.
"Zekrom and Reshiram will be available to Pokémon Black and White players with English language games starting March 10. The distribution runs for four weeks to commemorate the first anniversary of the games' international release and ends April 8."
You need to take a special dream bridge from the special home that is ONLY accesible to your new legend, and then encounter victini on the special island. Victini needs help opening a treasure chest, and so you have to help it in a new game involving YOUR Zekrom! Do not worry. If you fail, it will return you to the special home but you CAN return right away to try again. Once you have beaten the game, Victini gives you the skin and you can exit the special home. Afterwards, you can still cross your usual dream bridge and go to the island/tree of dreams. Good luck, and enjoy!


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  • Tuck in your EVENT Zekrom or Reshiram using Game Sync.

By the way, if you're wondering, NO, the Zekrom or Reshiram you got from playing the game will NOT work. It has to be the one from the Wi-Fi Event.

  • Go to http://en.pokemon-gl.com/.

  • Log in to your Dream World account and then access the Dream World.

  • When you get inside and you are in front of your home, look for the button that says "GO TO SPECIAL HOME" on the left hand side of the screen. Click it.

  • You go to the special home and click on the arrow at either the bottom left or bottom right.

  • You go to the next screen and will see a bridge to the Island of Dreams (like the one to go to Pleasent Forest, etc.)

  • Go on the bridge and you see Victini. Complete the minigame. Leave the Dream World.

  • Go to the "PROMOTIONS" button on the Global Link homepage. Click on the Event talking about the skin, Then click Submit.

  • Go to the "CUSTOMIZE" button on the Global Link homepage. Set the new C-Gear skin and then save the changes.

  • Wake Up your Pokemon and admire the beauty of your new C-Gear skin.

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Thanks, looks like I missed something from the movie zone. I'll try again tomorrow :)
Tried again, and I was missing the arrows in the special home. D'oh! I edited your answer to highlight that part :)
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