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The Real Scenario:

I have Pokemon White, so i am going to get Reshiram.
My neighbor has Pokemon Black , so he will get Zekrom.

I know about the C-Gear skins and how to get them.
I want the Zekrom C-Gear Skin!!

My Question:
If my neighbor does the event with his Zekrom and gets the respective C-Gear skin, can he then trade Zekrom to me so i can get the skin, or is it a one time use thing that ends with him??

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cant say for sure but im assuming its one time use
it is a one time use thing i think so probably not
shiny gyarados, please don't answer if you don't know, thanks! I've made this a comment.

Unless we get specific information beforehand, I think the answer will likely be "try it and see"!

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Going off of Serebii, it appears that you can only receive ONE C-Gear skin per game, but then it doesn't specify BOTH of WHAT exactly in the same sentence, although it also implies he might be talking about the Pokemon, or the Skins.

From what I've seen mentioned on forums though, it seems it is possible to get both Pokemon, but only one Skin. So unless there's a specific coding that prevents you from getting the opposite dragon, you should be able to get that Zekrom Skin.