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Zekrom is a black Pokémon, it even states as the "deep black Pokémon". Same with Reshiram, but reshiram is the "vast white Pokémon". It really weird me out.

That's all.

In black N catches Reshiram, and in white he catches zekrom, so that is why in black 2 you can catch zekrom(because N has not caught him in black) and the same with white. IDK if this makes sense to you.
That makes sense, but at the time of b/w they wouldn't have thought of that yet. So you have to think of before bw2 because they wouldn't have taken those things into account. It's kind of hard to explain but I think you know what I mean
MoonlitMadness, in Black you catch Reshiram and he catches Zekrom
@Dragonblade I said, "In black N catches Reshiram, and in white he catches zekrom"

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Part of it is, of course, Game Freak logic, though my theory is that by the time Black and White were released, they'd already planned and started working on the sequels, and decided to set up BW2 with BW. In Black, you catch Reshiram, and N catches Zekrom, while two years later, in Black 2, N rides in on that same Zekrom he caught 2 years prior, as Reshiram had been caught by Hilbert/Hilda (Gosh those default names are weird), and Nate/Rosa catches that Zekrom later on. Point is, these are not a third game, but an actual sequel, and thus Game Freak made it so it'd all make sense when you look at both sets.

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Are Hilda, and Hilbert (totally doesn't say it on a fun tone) the maine character?
Main characters for BW
That is basically what i was trying to say in my comment. Good job on making it more clear
lol, but bulba says Lugia and Ho-Oh are based off of Yin and Yang