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Well, I noticed that trainer cards have 6 digit IDs I think, but no matter what the number of digits- what would happen if more people have pokemon games than there is room in ID numbers. What I mean is, being 6 digits long, I think, the ID system would yield 999,999 different possibilities for trainer card numbers, but what would happen if say, MORE than 999,999 people played pokemon? If im the millionth player what ID would I get?

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Never thought bout that, I think I know, but im not sure so I wont answer.

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Trainer cards have 5 digits. And Each game cartridge doesn't have a preset ID to it, it changes whenever you reset the game. Nothing happens if there are two different trainers with the same ID, it's happened to me before, and I have no problems with my game. On top of that, note that pokemon games have sold far over a million copies, so if a problem would exist, we would already have seen it now. The name of the trainer is there to differentiate.

Oh, I just wasnt sure cuz I didnt know you could have the same id as someone else