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Please list location of all MD game locations for Smeargle.

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Do you also want the location for a place that you can't recruit Smeargle?

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Red/Blue Rescue Team

  • Howling Forest (15F)
  • Western Cave (4F-6F)

Explorers of Time/Darkness

  • Foggy Forest (1F-5F)
  • Marine Resort (B1-B19)
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AnswerTo recruit Smeargle in Pokémon MD, beat Rayquaza and get the Sky Blue Plains Friend Area. Then, go to Pelipper's Post Office, check the Bulletin Board, and find a mission for rescuing Smeargle in Howling Forest. After you finish that mission, you will unlock Howling Forest, and he will join your team.In Western Cave, Smeargle can be found on 4-6F at Lv25 with a 6.8% recruitment rate.

Explorers of the Sky/Time/Darkness:
Foggy Forest floors 1-5
Marine Resort floors 1-18
Foortune Ravine b1-5


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