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When you walk across the bridge, somebody says a quote and leaves. Who is that person?


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This is really just a theory, but this may be the right answer.
He says "friends" in his speech. Sound familiar?
In B/W, we also saw N in Chargestone, and he said it was his favorite place then.
It kinda just fits into the puzzle that is the plot of BW2. (Credit to GZ)

I don't think the word "friend" sounds familiar, no.
yeah, RIGHT when i 1st played this game, and i got to that part i was like "N!". then i got all sad 'cause i didn't see him. but he makes an AMAZING entrance near the end, saving your (the MC's) life! then N gets all angry at Ghetsis for trying to kill the MC. it's AWESOME. but when N has to leave Reshiram/Zekrom, i almost cried. it was SO SAD. it was OBVIOUS it hurt N to let his dragon go. but he did it anyway. then he went to find the PREVIOUS game's MC. or so he said.
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It is assumed to be N; he says something along the lines of "I have to go in order to save Pokemon and protect the very friend I have to stop".

Also, N's speech is the fastest of any character's, and I noticed how fast paced it was (as it was in BW).

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