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Should I get pkmn platinum or soulsilver?

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Its such a tough choice

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Soulsilver would be better if you bought it with a PokeWalker. (its not an answer)

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SoulSliver beacuse...
1) You can walk with your Pokemon
2) Pokewalker feature (Google it)
3) Great story board

Hope I helped!

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I have played lots of games and it is all down to opinion. Soulsilver is great be cause there are a few early game legendaries(Lugia, Entei, Raikou, Suicune) and them it also has Mewtwo and Suicune. You Pokemon can follow you around. And if you catch a shiny, the Pokemon following you is shiny. The only downfall is grinding for the gyms. It can literally take hours. Platinum is also great. It is rather easy to level up pokmon compared to SS. It has all three of the legendary sinnoh dragons. (Giratina earlier in game at lv. 47) And a great story line. TBH, whenever I want to play an old game. I go to Platinum. So the choice is yours.

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Its all down to opinion really. You could look on this website, and see what kinds of Pokemon you can find in each region, as that could make up your mind. Alternatively, you could check out the starters and legendary Pokemon as well, as they are a big part of the plot and stories of the two games. I would personally go with SoulSilver, as it is a remake of the GBA Game Silver, and I am a big fan of the old games. It has better starters I feel, especially Totodile, and you can also walk with your Pokemon,allowing them to gain experience and you to gain items, with the Pokewalker that should come with the game. Its all up to you though really.

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