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From what I understand the starters are somewhat evenly matched against eachother but I want to know the most superior for WATER-GRASS-FIRE (include the benefits and disadvantages no source required and also include the benefits of each evolution. I want the superior starter of the entire Pokemon world not one generation)

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Do you mean in every generation?

If you look at weaknesses, Water is superior; it only has 2 weaknesses (4 resistances), and Grass can be dealt with by Ice Beam.

Fire is in not far behind; it has 3 weaknesses (5 resistances), but all 3 of its weaknesses are weak to Grass, and a lot of Fire Pokemon can learn a grass move of some description.

Grass is usually the worst; it has 5 weaknesses (4 resistances).

It's opinionated which starter is superior, and indeed what you want to use them for in battle, so I'll give my reasons.

Gen 1
i. Bulbasuar - normally I would put the grass type as last, but Bulbasuar has the Grass/ Posion typing, which is really advantageous. Bug, Poison and Ground are now x1, and Chlorophyll is brilliant in sun.
ii. Squirtle - rapid spinner; decent bulk.
iii. Charmander - it gains a x4 weakness as Charizard; stealth rock switch in will cripple it.

Gen II
i. Totodile - Sheer Force Swords Dance. More than enough of a reason.
ii. Cyndaquil - It's my personal favourite; in-game wise, it's probably best. Decent speed, high special attack, and acceptable (barely) defences.
iii. Chikorita - good NU Pokemon, but you wouldn't use it above that tier.

i. Treecko - Unburden Acrobatics w/ Flying Gem. Even without STAB, it's still packs a punch while covering its Bug weakness. Even without that ability, Sceptile swords dance can sweep effectively
ii. Mudkip - the final Ground/ Water typing is a bit of a draw back; Grass is now x4.
iii. Torchic - Blaziken is worthless w/o Speed Boost. It's only Uber because of that ability, and it's too frail to sweep probably without it, since it doesn't have the speed Sceptile has. Blaziken isn't a bad Pokemon, but it's simply overused and overhyped.

Gen IV
i. Piplup - Empoleon, dual Water/ Steel type. It now has 3 weaknesses, 1 immunity and 11 resistances. High Sp. atk, access to Stealth Rock and wide enough movepool to cover its weaknesses.
ii. Chimchar - hmm another final evolution of Fire/ Fight. High speed, high attack, nice moves to choose from (U-Turn and Mach Punch are particularly useful).
iii. Turwig - in its final evolution, Ice is now x4, and most Water Pokemon carry an Ice move specifically to deal with Grass types.

Gen V
i. Samurott - Swords Dance, Waterfall, Aqua Jet, Megahorn. Covers your Grass weakness, gives you a STAB priority move, what else do you want.
ii. Serperior - base 113 speed means it outspeeds most of NU (and indeed many of your in game opponents). Grass typing and movepool are a let down, but Coil, Dragon Tail, Leaf Blade, Giga Drain is a good enough set.
iii. Emboar - abysmal defences; at least Serperior has the speed to counter its threats. One STAB water move and it'll be gone.

Gen V starters are pretty much tied for me; I went with Samurott simply because of personal reasons, and Emboar isn't a bad Pokemon, but help me if Fennekin is another Fire/ Fight. I'll have to pretend that Gen VI never existed.

remember a lot of the starter dream world abilities havent been released yet
Im really sorry but i just wanted the most SUPERIOR starter
I forgot about the Hidden Abilities, but my choices still don't change. o3o Most? Because to be honest, you can only get 1 starter in each game, and only generation specific starters at that. If there had to be a choice out of all of the generations, I would pick either Bulbasuar or Piplup, both due to their advantageous typings.

Also, I would say that if you're playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, go with Bulbasuar. I chose it randomly, but its Poison typing meant that it wasn't affected by hidden poison traps.
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Fire Type
Mixed Sweeper: Infernape
Wall: Emboar
Sweeper: Charizard/Typhlosion (EXACT same stats)

Water Type
Sweeper: Samurott
Wall: Blastoise

Grass Type
Sweeper: Sceptile
Wall: Meganium
Sweeper in sun: Venusaur

Fondants  answer had more detail but yours is the only one that actually answered the question.
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If you are talking last forms these are my opinions:

Generation 1: I would say blastoise can kill charizard and learns ice beam which then kills venuasaur.

Generation 2: I would say typhlosion normally I am a water fan but typhlosion is a power house trained right.

Generation 3: swampert is a ground/water type which gives grass an advantage but if it learns ice beam it is golden just give it some speed boosters and your good.

Generation 4: empoleon is water/steel high power and good movepool it covers its weaknesses well.

Generation 5: samurott is a good Pokemon to have on your team I have one and it got me through the entire game.

But if I had to chose one starter I would choose one it would be ether samurott or typhlosion .

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Grass: Serperior

Serperior is a great grass starter, and frankly, the only one I would choose. My reasons are simple:

  1. It may not have dual typing like half grass starters do, but that also gives it an advantage, because all other dual typing grass types (aside from Venesaur) all have x4 weaknesses, if not multiple. The only reason I don't choose Venesaur is because almost all the moves it can learn are status moves, like poison powder, stun spore, sleep powder, ect.
  2. It has some pretty good stats compared to other grass starters, and can learn a variety of good moves form coil and leaf blade, to gastro acid and leaf storm.

Fire: Charizard/Typholsion

Charizard and Typhlosion (like said in some of the other answers,) have literally identical stats, so I am going to be listing what makes me think they go down as the best fire starters.

  1. I know I don't need to say it but charizard has some pretty awesome
    stats. It can learn a variety of moves and if you are worried about
    its x4 rock weakness, if you give it an Charizardite Y and have it
    learn solar beam, you should be good to go.
  2. Typhlosion, where to start? Besides its killer stats, this guy can
    pack a punch! My main reason though for choosing this guy is because
    of his move burn up.Before the sword and shield games, only to
    Pokemon could learn this move. The legendary Pokemon Moltres, and, of
    course, Typhlosion. If you are not familiar with the move, it's known for making the user lose its fire typing after dealing a massive amount of damage. What makes this special though is that Typhlosion is only a fire type, so if he loses that type, in my opinion that's pretty OP.

Water: Swampert/Empoleon

  1. Swampert is literally my favorite starter of all time, so I had to put it in here. Its extraordinarily balanced stats give it a big boost in it's battling skills. It has a pretty high attack as well as Hp, so giving it a physical move like Earthquake (for STAB) and power-up-punch/hammer arm would be a pretty good idea. If you are worried about its x4 weakness of grass, you can always just do what people have been doing for years and have it learn ice beam. Also, so you get that second STAB move, I personally would recommend scald, because not only does it have a chance of burning the target, but it looks pretty cool on screen. But that's just me. I've heard hydro pump and muddy water are just fine too.
  2. But if you forced me to choose someone other than Swampert, I would have to choose Empoleon. Its type combination of water/steel gives it 1 immunity and 10 resistances (2 of which are 1/4) and only makes it have 3 weaknesses. Plus, its move pool is extremely large, allowing it to have a huge advantage in battles.

Over all, I think the most superior starter out of all of those is either Charizard or Swampert. I am open to suggestions on how you guys feel and what you think I could have mentioned in these paragraphs, so comment away.

I feel like most of your reasoning is flawed. Sure, Serperior is good, but your reasoning for it don't make much sense. The only dual type starters with 4x weaknesses would be Chesnaught and Mega Sceptile, and Serperior doesn't even have enough bulk to survive regular hits. Venusaur is good for defensive play, and it seems like you chose Serperior > Venusaur more as a preference of you liking to play more defensively than offensively. Mega Charizard Y is still crippled by Stealth Rocks, and Burn Up on Typhlosion in my opinion isn't worth using. It's a one time use STAB, meaning that if its Typlosions only Fire move, it can only use the move it often relies on once, and its practically useless on choice item sets, you're better off using a different Special Fire move. Swampert shouldn't use special moves like Ice Beam and Scald, and Scald "looking cool" isn't much of a proper reasoning. Swampert is usually better off with a moveset of Liquidation/Waterfall/Ice Punch, Earthquake, Flip Turn, and Stealth Rock. Empoleon's moveset also isn't very good compared to a Water starter like Feraligatr.
don't forget, Torterra has a x4 of ice. Also, I agree with you a little on the typhlosion/charizard comment. But keep in mind that for typhlosion you don't have to use burn up right away, or even at all if you don't want to. Also, if you are still concerned with charizard's rock weakness, you can just switch its item with a charzardite X. To be honest with you I didn't know swampert could learn liquidation, if I did, mine would have learned it a long time ago. I agree with you on the Ice punch as well. My only worry when I first got swampert was the x4 grass weakness, so I tried to get as much damage in as possible. Now that I think about it though, its high attack would help a lot in ice punches case. THank you for your feedback, I will apply this as soon as possible to my Pokemon.