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From what I understand the starters are somewhat evenly matched against eachother but I want to know the most superior for WATER-GRASS-FIRE (include the benefits and disadvantages no source required and also include the benefits of each evolution. I want the superior starter of the entire Pokemon world not one generation)

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Do you mean in every generation?

If you look at weaknesses, Water is superior; it only has 2 weaknesses (4 resistances), and Grass can be dealt with by Ice Beam.

Fire is in not far behind; it has 3 weaknesses (5 resistances), but all 3 of its weaknesses are weak to Grass, and a lot of Fire Pokemon can learn a grass move of some description.

Grass is usually the worst; it has 5 weaknesses (4 resistances).

It's opinionated which starter is superior, and indeed what you want to use them for in battle, so I'll give my reasons.

Gen 1
i. Bulbasuar - normally I would put the grass type as last, but Bulbasuar has the Grass/ Posion typing, which is really advantageous. Bug, Poison and Ground are now x1, and Chlorophyll is brilliant in sun.
ii. Squirtle - rapid spinner; decent bulk.
iii. Charmander - it gains a x4 weakness as Charizard; stealth rock switch in will cripple it.

Gen II
i. Totodile - Sheer Force Swords Dance. More than enough of a reason.
ii. Cyndaquil - It's my personal favourite; in-game wise, it's probably best. Decent speed, high special attack, and acceptable (barely) defences.
iii. Chikorita - good NU Pokemon, but you wouldn't use it above that tier.

i. Treecko - Unburden Acrobatics w/ Flying Gem. Even without STAB, it's still packs a punch while covering its Bug weakness. Even without that ability, Sceptile swords dance can sweep effectively
ii. Mudkip - the final Ground/ Water typing is a bit of a draw back; Grass is now x4.
iii. Torchic - Blaziken is worthless w/o Speed Boost. It's only Uber because of that ability, and it's too frail to sweep probably without it, since it doesn't have the speed Sceptile has. Blaziken isn't a bad Pokemon, but it's simply overused and overhyped.

Gen IV
i. Piplup - Empoleon, dual Water/ Steel type. It now has 3 weaknesses, 1 immunity and 11 resistances. High Sp. atk, access to Stealth Rock and wide enough movepool to cover its weaknesses.
ii. Chimchar - hmm another final evolution of Fire/ Fight. High speed, high attack, nice moves to choose from (U-Turn and Mach Punch are particularly useful).
iii. Turwig - in its final evolution, Ice is now x4, and most Water Pokemon carry an Ice move specifically to deal with Grass types.

Gen V
i. Samurott - Swords Dance, Waterfall, Aqua Jet, Megahorn. Covers your Grass weakness, gives you a STAB priority move, what else do you want.
ii. Serperior - base 113 speed means it outspeeds most of NU (and indeed many of your in game opponents). Grass typing and movepool are a let down, but Coil, Dragon Tail, Leaf Blade, Giga Drain is a good enough set.
iii. Emboar - abysmal defences; at least Serperior has the speed to counter its threats. One STAB water move and it'll be gone.

Gen V starters are pretty much tied for me; I went with Samurott simply because of personal reasons, and Emboar isn't a bad Pokemon, but help me if Fennekin is another Fire/ Fight. I'll have to pretend that Gen VI never existed.

remember a lot of the starter dream world abilities havent been released yet
Im really sorry but i just wanted the most SUPERIOR starter
I forgot about the Hidden Abilities, but my choices still don't change. o3o Most? Because to be honest, you can only get 1 starter in each game, and only generation specific starters at that. If there had to be a choice out of all of the generations, I would pick either Bulbasuar or Piplup, both due to their advantageous typings.

Also, I would say that if you're playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, go with Bulbasuar. I chose it randomly, but its Poison typing meant that it wasn't affected by hidden poison traps.
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Fire Type
Mixed Sweeper: Infernape
Wall: Emboar
Sweeper: Charizard/Typhlosion (EXACT same stats)

Water Type
Sweeper: Samurott
Wall: Blastoise

Grass Type
Sweeper: Sceptile
Wall: Meganium
Sweeper in sun: Venusaur

Fondants  answer had more detail but yours is the only one that actually answered the question.
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If you are talking last forms these are my opinions:

Generation 1: I would say blastoise can kill charizard and learns ice beam which then kills venuasaur.

Generation 2: I would say typhlosion normally I am a water fan but typhlosion is a power house trained right.

Generation 3: swampert is a ground/water type which gives grass an advantage but if it learns ice beam it is golden just give it some speed boosters and your good.

Generation 4: empoleon is water/steel high power and good movepool it covers its weaknesses well.

Generation 5: samurott is a good Pokemon to have on your team I have one and it got me through the entire game.

But if I had to chose one starter I would choose one it would be ether samurott or typhlosion .

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