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  1. Gyro ball
  2. Sending 2weather using Pokemon at once.
    For example, politoed has 100spd, and ninetales have 130spd
    Poli is holding choice scarf. Which weather will show up?

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  1. Iron Ball and Choice Scarf affect Gyro Ball.
  2. Ninetales' weather will show up.
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Is there a source?
You don't have to have a source all the time, and what he says is true. A sourve would be unnecassary.
I know, I also know choice scarf raises the speed, but I thought there may be an exception.
I was curious if choise scarf always raises a pokemon's speed, or if it raises the speed when
they attack
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  1. Iron Ball makes gyro ball do more damage because ot makes the user slower and choice scarf weakens gyro ball because it makes you faster. If you lower or raise your speed in any condition it will effect gyro ball.

  2. The slowest Pokemon will set up their weather. Politoed is going to go first so the sun will show up. If they are the same speed, it is a 50/50 chance for each weather to show up.