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Comparing a Shuckle thats banded and another Shuckle holding an iron ball. Which Shuckle does more damage?

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Depending on the speed of the user, Choice Band. In the case of REALLY slow pokemon, lowering your speed by 50% won't be lowering it that much and chnces are most targets are already going to be hit with max power. The answer depends on the user I would think.
in that case i choose shuckle
No a Band does not lower Speed it just raises Attack. And it doesn't matter how slow Shuckle is, it's Attack stat is pathetic. It wouldn't do squat xD

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Iron Ball halves speed. With shuckle's low speed, it won't be getting much slower. It depends on what the speed stat is. With shuckle's low attack, a band won't do much either. You cannot answer this question with the info given. If there is more speed than attack then use iron ball to do more damage. If there is more attack than speed use choice band.

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