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I know quite a few legendaries have a catch rate of 3(0.4% at full health), but is there anything lower?

What is the highest because there cannot be a number equal to 100% cath rate( unless using masterball ), so which Pokemon has the honor of easiest to catch?

I apologize now for any inconvenience caused by reasearch... my tablet is hard to search on.


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List of Pokemon by Catch Rate - these are not listed by percentage, but are simply listed from most likely to least likely. The catch rate number is used in a formula to determine likeliness along with other factors such as the Pokeball used and the HP of the Pokemon.

Highest Catch Rate: 255
Lowest Catch Rate: 3

Easiest Pokemon to catch: Caterpie, Zubat, anything at 255 essentially.

Catch Rate - how it works and how to calculate catch rates.

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