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I know that Pichu can't breed, but this is a Ditto. Is it different??


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Pichu is a baby Pokemon, and no baby Pokemon can breed, even with Ditto.

If you want a Pichu, breed a Pikachu; it will still hatch into a Pichu.

EDIT: also, trading makes no difference in this scenario.

Darn it!!! I seriously wanted to breed Pikachu, but I don't like this male Pichu I was traded. I want to breed Pikachu and raise a female. Any good ideas to make this Pichu evolve faster???
Pichu evolves via max happiness; you need to boost its happiness ASAP. One good way is to go to your Join Avenue, go to the Salon or Cafe and give it some grooming/ food. Walking around, levelling up will also do that; you can give it an Exp. Share and fight some high level Pokemon to level it up quickly. When you want to see how happy it is, call Bianca to check. Here's the Serebii guide on happiness: http://www.serebii.net/games/happiness.shtml
do also use, if bw2, all kinds of stat feathers on the pichu... the use of such items raises its happiness a bit.
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No, you can't breed a Pichu with Ditto or any Pokemon.