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Also can they stack. Like can I keep boosting my attack and defense and Range. Also if I get a drop in stats will they stick.

seconds ago Anyways Mew what I'm asking is if I use one ability that raises attack of the whole team then use another warrior's ability with the same effect would those stack together to give me plus 2 attack
seconds ago and if it would be for 1 turn or the whole battle

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That's what I thought but I want a definite answer.
Yea end of battle
Thats fine thanks
Still looking around here. It will take longer than I thought.
Im not entirely sure but i think it depends on what move you used but yes i would think it would stack up and also it also depends on what move you used for how long it lasts but i think it can last for an set amount of turns. im not that helpful sorry

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Using an ability like Adrenaline increases the Pokemon's attack for
three rounds. After those three rounds are up, it goes back to normal.
However, if you use Adrenaline with one Pokemon, and then Rally (also
increases atk) is used on that same Pokemon, these increases stack.
same for range and defense.

Those are temporary boosts mind you, and dissapear after the amount of
time listed. For things like Crack Shot which do not list a duration,
it basically means it only functions on the round you used it. All
stat raises due to abilities used in battle also end when the battle

So that's what I was told by a friend of a friend who is an extreme gamer.
Basically as I understand it there are time durations on moves.
Also some moves can stack so using two different moves that raise attack can stack.

Negative stat changes CAN stack
unless you use a fancy dooda to get them reversed so on so forth, I stopped listening to him after he told me the first bit xD

Am I missing anything or was that all you wanted?

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Nice answer, MK ;]
Great thanks, get me the rest of the info and you can get BA :3
Nope not missing anything i asked for :3 great job