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I didn't even know we could count the population. Just saying that Anville Town is the third smallest town in Unova :D

in witch region ?
All of them.

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Kanto: Pallet Town (10) // Celadon City (89)
Johto: New Bark Town/ Frontier Access (both 11) // Golden Rod City (126)
Hoenn: Littleroot Town (10) // Lilycode City (123) (it might be Ever Grande City, but no stats on that)
Sinnoh: Twinleaf Town (10) // Jubilife City (124 Pt) OR Hearthrone City (91 DP)
Isshu: Nuvema Town (10) // Nimbasa (239)


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Don't you mean Unova instead of Isshu??
Isshu = Unova; sorry I'm used to the Japanese name for it.
Why is this downvoted??
Also, how did Evergrande, Celadon, Jubilife, Hearthome and Nimbasa get so many people? I've never even seen that many people there.
It is based upon the anime if I'm correct.
Jubilife and Celadon are technology hubs, the former having the TV station and the later having a Radio station. That's why Goldenrod has so many people as well; that's what I thought was the logic behind it.
I think Team Rocket causes the population of Celadon and Goldenrod to be so high. Nimbasa has the sports courts.
the highest population ever is in castelia city streets !!!!! i counted them up to thousands !!!
though with the two stadiums, nimbasa city stadium can hold up to 10,000 spectators for an average stadium.