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Really want to get all eevees evolutions but no Pokemon I have are compatable so
whats the best Pokemon to breed with a female leafeon ??

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Ditto is the best option. If that doesnt work you can use any Pokemon in this egg group Here as long as they are Male.

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I have Pokemon platinum ? Where do I find ditto ??
I have 3 gym badges and I would like to use an easier Pokemon to catch ??
eeeveee you cant find ditto in platinum until beat elite 4 it is rare to appear but it is in the mansion that rare pokemon appear also need to seen/got all sinnoh pkmn afer that talk to the man in the mansion and it has a possibility to appear
source on this: expirience
Go catch a male shinx you should be able to breed with that
DITTOS FO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (mine's called breeding slave :3)