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Discounting multiplayer and downloadable content, N is the only NPC to use Pokémon with Hidden Abilities, using a Ninetales with Drought and a Politoed with Drizzle. - Bulbapedia

Where can I find N and battle him while he uses these Pokemon, and will I be able to catch them via Action Replay?

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Idk. Good question.

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You can battle him in his castle during the four different seasons.

Source (And some extra stuff):

Here's what I found for AR:

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And is it possible to catch his pokemon via AR and have him re-appear each season?
Sry I don't know what AR is. And he can be re-battled once every season.
Action Replay...
I already have the code for catching them, I just wanted to know if he would come back after I caught his pokemon, becaus eI am paranoid like that :P