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I want to know!

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I think that is something that no one knows...

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it leaves after showing you the way to N`s castle. It wasn't ment to be caught I guess. But if its a Zoroark you want, I know how you can get one in b/w 2 :) just get the Zorua at the ex-team plasmas hideout which is in driftveil city, get it to lv.30, and then you have a Zoroark! but if you want more than one then breed it with a Ditto (which you can find in the giant chasm) at the day care on route 3, get the egg, run around until it hatches (which may take a wile) and you have your self a zorua!

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Dark Charizard is right. After it has led you to N's castle we don't know it's location. It has probably just returned to N as a partner but not as his "tool of war". There is another zoroark though in Lostlorn Forest. When you talk to the backpacker you will realise it was a zoroark when it leaves. But this has nothing to do with the one on Victory road

Some things are just left like they are....a mystery