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Tier: UU

Movesets requirement:
Must have Fake Out

The rest is up to you.

I have only used Mienshao before.


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They both are amazing.. it's really up to synergy

Mean show

Constant sccouting. U-Turn + Regenerator is amazing. It has rather superb base speed (105) and amazing base attack (125). Hi Jump Kick hits so hard as STAB. Fake out | U-Turn | Hi Jump Kick | Stone Edge is the set I usually run and jolly nature. If you switch often like mienshao, it is helpful to have a spinner but it doesn't bother mienshao as much as it does ambipom since it has access to regenerator.

Donkey Kong

This guy is even faster than mienshao and it has technician. STAB + Technician + Fake Out does HUGE damage to even defensive monsters like blastiose. It has a famous Fake Out + Last Resort combo which is what I run, but it's gimmicky and I suggest you'd use: Fake Out | Low Kick | U-Turn | Return. Altough it doesn't have as much attack as Mienshao it still gets technician which gives it some more oomph. Rapid spinners make great partners since Ambipom will be switching constantly.

DK Gets my vote, but I choose because of synergy.

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If you want Fake Out, go with Technician Ambipom. It will pack a punch along with STAB. It has U-Turn and a good speed, so it can act as a scout as well. After dealing damage with Fake Out, it can U-Turn out and switch to something else.

I've also seen Ambipom with only Fake Out and Last Resort, which is seriously annoying (and a bit gimmicky), especially if you don't have a ghost type on your team.

I prefer to use Mienshao as a Scarf Pokemon, so Fake Out is useless for it.

In any case:

Item: Life Orb
Ability: Technician
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Fake Out
Low Kick
Shadow Claw/ Pursuit

Det 13 second outspeed
Sorry. *-*
if you look at stats meinshao has 30 more base stat.
its okay, you were faster :> I am a slow typer. Base stats don't mean anything bro
Base stats don't decide everything; in this situation you want Fake Out to do the most damage, and Ambipom is the one that will do that. Also, Mienshao only has 30+ in its base stats because of a slightly higher attack and unneeded special attack. Ambipom is higher HP, Def, Sp. def and Speed.
Thx guys, I'll go with Ambipom.