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You mean how to trade with other players? You must buy a GameBoy Wireless Adapter, or a connection cord, depending on the GameBoy system.

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You need 2 Gameboys and a link cable or if you have a Nintendo 64 and 2 game packs and 2 N64 controllers and Pokemon Stadium 2, You'll be able to trade in Pokemon Stadium 2 in Professor Oaks lab.

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Well, first off you can only trade Pokemon from crystal to first gen (Red/Blue/Yellow) and second (gold, silver and crystal) gen games so if you are trying to trade to any other generations, it wont work (This is because of the complete overhaul of game mechanics in gen 3 and also due to the fact of new Pokemon).
You also cannot trade using the ds wireless system so you can't try that.
The only way you can trade is to had two gameboys with a link cable too and trade that way.
P.S the gameboy link cables do NOT work on the DS

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